Brioche and Choc Chip Pudding

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I cannot take the credit for this. It is a slight slant on the Nigella Lawson Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding.

Simply delicious I have used left over Brioche Loaf that I had stashed in my freezer and I have omitted the alcohol. As always I use 70% dark chocolate. Not cooking chocolate but good quality eating chocolate however, you can use what you prefer or have on hand.

This is a super fast desert that I serve with a dash of whipped cream. Perfect for when you have guests. Thank you Nigella!



  • Put the bread in a 1.5 litre oven proof bowl or pan. I find the casserole dishes perfect for this. Don’t worry if the bread is piled high
  • Sprinkle chocolate over and around the bread nudging it under the cubes of bread
  • In a jug mix the brown sugar, milk, cream and eggs until well combined
  • Carefully pour over bread ensure all the pieces are soaked. When done give the bread a push down to ensure the pieces are soaking up the mixture
  • Stand for 20 minutes to let it soak through
  • Sprinkle with Demerara  sugar if using
  • Put in oven on 140°c  for 40-50 minutes
  • Let stand before serving

Brioche and Choc Chip Pudding

Course: Dessert

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