Preserved Nuts in Honey


I have been lucky enough to buy untreated honey fresh from the hive. Did you know that the

honey you buy in your supermarket has been heat treated and a lot of its goodness vanished?

This is an amazing way to eat nuts and honey by preserving the nuts in the honey. They will keep about 12 months but there is no way they last this long in my house. I have a penchant to eat them with Pecorino cheese for me it is a match made in heaven. But there are many ways to eat. Add to ice cream, sweet pies as a topping, pancakes on your breakfast. Let your imagination fly.

So easy to make with very little to do. I generally use walnuts, cashews, almonds mixed or on there own.

Use recycled jars to store your preserve in. These also make lovely gifts.


Mixed Nuts
Raw Honey


  • Heat your jars to sterilize
  • Toast the nuts under a grill or in a pan until just golden
  • If your honey has crystalised as raw honey does just liquify by placing jar in bath of hot water
  • Add the nuts up to 3/4 full to the hot jars
  • Top up with the warmed liquid honey
  • Place a lid on jar and periodically turn up and down while cooling
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