Simple Basil Pesto

Simple Basil Pesto





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Pesto should be fresh and eaten within a couple of days. This one offers subtle flavours and is super easy to make. Also it is relatively cheap. I would recommend growing your own basil to use for this. It is very easy to grow in a well lit area inside. I use a hand held blender attached to a small food processing bowl attachment to make this. You may also wish to use a mortar and pestle, it will take a little longer.

Don’t skimp on the oil. The Virgin Olive Oil is an integral ingredient for flavour and to pull it together.

Remember pesto does not require cooking. Ads


Fresh Basil 2 large handfuls
Pine Nuts 6 Tbsp
Garlic Clove 1 very small or 1/4 of a large
Parmeson Cheese 4 Tbsp
Virgin Olive Oil
Salt Pinch


  • Put the pine nuts under a grill, do not brown but heat to release the flavour
  • Add all ingredients to the food processing bowl except the oil
  • Process until well chopped up
  • Add Virgin Olive Oil a small amount at a time. You will want the pesto to be a very thick sauce consistency.

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