Salmon (or tuna) and Vegetable Mornay


Needing a quick meal in one pot? You can use any canned fish for this dish. My favourite is Red Salmon but feel free to use Pink Salmon or Tuna. If you feel adventurous add some prawns or crab.

I used frozen half corn cobs for the recipe.

I serve this simply with steamed rice but you could equally do it as a pasta bake topped with breadcrumbs.


Olive Oil (not virgin) 1 tbsp
Carrot 1 large
Onion 1 small
Mixed Herbs 1 tsp
Plain Flour 1 tbsp
Frozen corn cob 2 half
Chicken or Vegetable or Fish Stock 1 cup
Milk 1/2 cup
Canned Fish 415g
Lemon Juice 1 tbsp
Runny Cream 1/4 cup
Black Pepper


  • Heat oil in medium size pot
  • Add onion and carrot and cook for a couple of minutes
  • Add mixed herbs
  • Cook until onion is transparent
  • Take off heat and add flour and cook until well mixed
  • Gradually add stock, place on heat to thicken stirring constantly to avoid lumps
  • Add milk
  • Drain fish adding the brine or some of the brine to the pot
  • Slice corn off the cob and add to pot
  • Simmer until carrot has softened
  • Add fish to pot and break up.
  • Add cream, heat through.
  • Season with black pepper to taste
  • Serve on a bed of steamed rice
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