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Brioche and Choc Chip Pudding

  I cannot take the credit for this. It is a slight slant on the Nigella Lawson Chocolate Chip Bread Pudding. Simply delicious I have used left over Brioche Loaf¬†that I had stashed in my …


Red Lentil & Chorizo Soup

  This is amazingly good and easy. For those who want a inexpensive meal and would normally not even touch lentils this is for you. Use home made chicken stock if possible, otherwise the best …


Vegetable Bake

  Sometimes it is nice to have a change in the way our vegetables are served. This wonderful bake is a simple accompaniment to any meal. It is best you use a mandolin to slice …


Sourdough Bread Starter

  One of the most amazing foods is sourdough bread. I find the commercial purchased breads lack that real sourdough flavour. They are often made using commercial yeast with a wave of either faux sourdough …


Pressure Cooker Chicken

  Cooking chicken this way and you will have many meal options. Dead easy and best if you have a pressure cooker. I don’t add seasonings allowing for a blank canvas for future dishes. The …

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