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Preserved Nuts in Honey

  I have been lucky enough to buy untreated honey fresh from the hive. Did you know that the honey you buy in your supermarket has been heat treated and a lot of its goodness …


Egg and Bacon Pie

  I have been making egg and bacon pies for over 30 years. The amazing thing about this recipe it is mega easy and you can eat it hot, warm or cold. It is perfect …


Simple Basil Pesto

  Pesto should be fresh and eaten within a couple of days. This one offers subtle flavours and is super easy to make. Also it is relatively cheap. I would recommend growing your own basil …


Ultimate Cinnamon Scrolls

  Cinnamon scrolls are variable in taste and recipes. It has been my holy grail to find the best recipe for the best cinnamon scroll. I realise that it is all subjective and a matter …

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