Dinner Rolls

This recipe utilises a bread machine to make the dough. It could be just as easily converted to use a heavy duty mixer or by hand. The recipe was taken from The Bread Machine Bible …


Beef and Lentil Stew

This is an amazing stew full of flavour. It would be easy to adjust the chilli, beef and lentils. If you add more lentils and less meat the cooking time would need to be reduced. …

Rick Stein's Fish Pie

Rick Stein’s Fish Pie

After visiting Rick Stein’s restuarant in Mollymook, NSW, Australia and enjoying his Fish Pie I just knew I had to have the recipe. This will take a little longer to make than most fish pies …


Lamb Sausage Rolls

Commercial sausage rolls are made from “sausage mince”. Sausage mince is full of additives and preservatives. These sausage rolls are amazingly simple and tasty without the unnecessary additives. Double the batch and freeze the uncooked …


Turkish Bread

This is a great go-to bread recipe if you are short on time. Whilst you can make this by hand this is so much faster in a breadmaker. I sprinkle mine with Nigella seeds but …

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