Open Letter to all Selfish Shoppers

Dear Idiots, Morons and Selfish Gits,

This Coronavirus has created a new virus, a virus of the brain that has turned what we thought to be sane humans into selfish idiots. Yes, I am talking about the people who are stashing food like we are going to run out.

Yes, I am angry. Mega angry. Angry for myself, angry for people like me who truly do cook and always have a well-stocked (but not overstocked) pantry, angry for the elderly and those with people with disabilities.

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You f&^%n idiots out there storing food like we are about to go to war should be more than just ashamed of yourselves. You will waste most of the food because you would normally not have a stock of the food, you are likely to be the helicopter shopper that flits into a supermarket and grabs something that does not involve too much brainpower to cook every single night.

Your overstocking will become a stash that the weevils will revel in. The canned foods are likely to become relics that your kids will find in years to come rusting and about to pop their welded seal. Your wastefulness is appalling given so many people in our society cannot afford to eat quality food and furthermore you have just taken food albeit from their mouths.

I do one big shop that consists of staples that are decanted and immediately placed into storage containers. This shop I do ever 8-12 weeks because I do cook almost everything and I don’t have crappy premade food in the house. I am about due to do a big shop now however why bother? You selfish gits have taken my couple of bags of flour, my cereal, my pasta, my rice, my canned fish and more. I will have to put the money aside and hope that you idiots will see sense some time soon so I can pop online and do my regular order.

Most of you would not even know how to use a bag of flour let alone cook a cake. Why would you even buy it if you are not into baking?

Don’t start me on the toilet paper, soap or handwash grab. I just don’t get that one. Why in shits name would you need a stash of that? Do you morons eat it or drink it?

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If nothing else this moronic panic buying has proven how lazy and reliant people are on take away food and premade foods. The reason I say this is because if any of you had any idea how to cook you would not need to stock your shelves with all these items you will never use. You would understand the art of cooking means you will always have plenty by keeping small stocks and creating meals that stretch. Not to mention you would be creating better quality meals and probably not overeating as many do on take away options.

Sadly I do not see there will be any sense knocked into the brains of these idiots very soon. What is worse all you idiots vote and I think that frightens me more.

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