About Bread

10 Reasons to Bake and Eat Sourdough Bread

Sourdough is created when wild yeast and bacteria interact. Working together, these organisms can transform grains and make them more digestible. This is beneficial to people with wheat or yeast allergies. Benefits and More Sourdough …


The Basics Of Lamb Recipes

Lamb is a very desirable meat; it has been consumed for centuries by people all over the world for a wide range of dishes and occasions. The flavor of lamb is succulent and juicy, while the texture is one of the more tender cuts available, and this combination means that it is one of the most expensive cuts of meat in stores.


Have You Ever Eaten Lotus Fruit?

The lotus eaters featured in Homer’s Odyssey, and you could be mistaken for thinking that they were myths, but they really exist. Or rather, lotus fruits do, and there are people who eat them. Read this article to find out more.


Margarine – Artificial Butter

Margarine is one of the worst spreads you could consider putting on your food or cooking with. In the 70’s I remember growing up with Fairy margarine for baking and Stork margarine for spreading. I …


Double Chocolate Chip Muffins

  These Chocolate Chip Muffins are really easy to make and always a hit. I use coconut oil but you can use melted butter if you prefer. I also drop the amount of sugar used …


Ultimate Cinnamon Scrolls

  Cinnamon scrolls are variable in taste and recipes. It has been my holy grail to find the best recipe for the best cinnamon scroll. I realise that it is all subjective and a matter …

Breakfast/Brunch Cereals

The Best Granola

Searching through all the granola options on supermarket shelves drove me crazy. None really ever fitted what I was looking for. This Granola recipe is very forgiving. You can swap ingredients or omit ingredients as …

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